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Personality, Individual Differences, & Performance Lab

The research conducted in our lab has largely focused on the dynamics between personality (examining traits believed to have a biological and/or cognitive foundation), individual differences and human performance. Consequently, research is conducted in two uniquely designed facilities.

One facility contains a large dual-room, electrically-shielded, acoustic booth for performing psychophysiological testing.

The second facility contains a networked, eight-station, computer lab. Data analyses, research and laboratory meetings are conducted in the lab’s main office. In combination, these facilities enable us to conduct a wide range of investigations exploring cognitive performance, the etiology of human performance errors, as well as the theoretical foundations of personality traits with various psychophysiological and performance measures. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to visit the Personality, Individual Differences, & Performance Lab facilities.

The lab is located in the basement of Dale Hall, rooms 19-21. For a tour of the facility please contact Dr. Fuenzalida or Dr. Vincent directly or you may leave a message in the lab at (405) 325-3197.