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Selected Publications:


• Proctor, S.P., Nieto, K., Heaton, K.J., Dillon, C.C., Schlegel, R.E., Russell, M.L., & Vincent, A.S. (2015). Neurocognitive Profile of U.S. Department of Defense Military Personnel. Military Medicine, 180 (6), , 660-669

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

• Prodan, C.I., Vincent, & Dale, G.L. (2015). Coated-platelet levels increase with number of injuries in patients with mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurotrauma, 33 (9), 818-824.

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Coated Platelets

• Kirkpatrick, A.C., Vincent, A. S., Dale, G.L., & Prodan, C.I. (in press). Coated-platelets predict stroke at 30 days following TIA. Neurology.

• Kirkpatrick, A.C., Tafur, A.J., Vincent, A.S., Dale, G.L., Prodan, C.I. (2014). Coated-Platelets Improve Prediction of Stroke and TIA in Asymptomatic Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis. Stroke, 45(10), 2995-3001.

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Risk Factors for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders

• Lovallo, W.R., Enoch, M.A., Sorocco, K.H., Vincent, A.S., Acheson, A., Cohoon, A.J., Hodgkinson, C.A., & Goldman, D. (in press). Joint impact of early life adversity and COMT Val158Met (rs4680) genotypes on the adult cortisol response to psychological stress. Psychosomatic Medicine.

• Vincent, A.S., Sorocco, K.H., Carnes, B., Cohoon, A.J., & Lovallo, W.R. (in press). Antisocial characteristics and early life adversity predict substance use disorders in young adults: The Oklahoma Family Health Patterns Project. Journal of Substance Abuse and Alcoholism.

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ANAM - Psychometrics

• Roebuck-Spencer, T.M., Vincent, A.S, Gilliland, K., Johnson, D.R., & Cooper, D.B. (2013). Initial Clinical Validation of an Embedded Effort Measure Within the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM). Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 28(7), 700-10.

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General Cognition

• Vincent, A.S., Roebuck-Spencer, T.M., Cox-Fuenzalida, L.E., Block, C., Scott, J.G., & Kane, R. (2017). Validation of ANAM for cognitive screening in a mixed clinical sample. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult .

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Workload History

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